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Welcome to Feather Visions, Inc.

In 1996, Feather Visions, Inc. began developing a new approach to archery scope lenses. After two years of research, design, and field trials, the FeatherVision™ Original™ Lens was introduced in 1998. Quite simply it took the archery industry by storm . From that time forward, FeatherVision™ Lenses have been recognized as the premier scope lens in competitive archery worldwide. Our lenses have been used countless times in the winning setups of champion shooters around the world.

Because our mission is to bring innovative and improved lenses to the archery community we are constantly introducing new lens options to our customers. Each new lens we develop holds a technical advantage over previous offerings. As archery advances, so do we. Here is a brief history of our accomplishments to date:

  • 1998 - The Original™ Lens is introduced, a polycarbonate, aspheric lens with advanced anti-reflecting coatings.
  • 2000 - With an eye toward clarity in higher powers, we presented, with tremendous success, the Series680™.
  • 2001 - Responding to requests for a quality glass lens option, we developed the Verde™, a flat style glass lens.
  • 2002 - Two new lenses are debuted. The Allusion™ lens, a "no lens lens" for spot shooters, and the Exemplar™ lens. The Exemplar™ was the first archery lens to combine the optical qualities of glass with an advanced aspheric design.
  • 2004 - We introduced the Series790™ lens, an aspheric lens made from advanced optical plastic with improved AR coatings.
  • 2005 - The OriginalPlus™ and 790Plus™ are made available. Both lenses have improved and tougher AR coatings when compared to their namesakes.
  • 2007 - The Radura™ lens comes to fruition. The Radura™ lens was developed through a joint effort with Carl Zeiss Optical. It is a Zeiss glass lens with custom designed curves for supreme imagery and features full multi layer ZEISS Anti-reflective coatings applied at the Zeiss Factory to ensure the highest quality lens possible.

These innovations combined with our expertise in the optical field allow us to offer what we feel are the best designed, most optically correct, and most durable archery scope lenses available in the archery market today. FeatherVision™ lenses have been recognized as the premier scope lenses for competitive archery and hunting worldwide.

Perhaps this is why many of the leading scope manufacturers use a FeatherVision™ Lens as original equipment in their scopes and sights, including:

  • CR Archery Scopes
  • HHA Sports Scopes & Sights
  • Copper John Sights
  • Spot-Hogg Sights
  • Impact Archery Scopes & Sights
  • Hi-Tech Scopes by Joe Kim


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